Aeroflex Unveils 3250 Series Spectrum Analyzers with RF Frequency Ranges 1KHz to 26.6GHz


The new 3250 Series (3251,3252,3523,3524) has been developed to provide market leading performance at a low cost. The innovative compact design 3250 spectrum analyzer employs the latest digital processing and RF technology, providing accomplished accuracy, stability and measurement speed. The new 3250 Series of spectrum analyzers designed to offer impressive RF and microwave capabilities, exceptional connectivity and many ease-of-use features in a smaller package and with a lower price tag than ever before available. With RF frequency ranges spanning 1KHz to 26.6GHz, the 3250 Series is ideal for wireless design, research, development and production test engineers in numerous applications including military communications, satellite test, radar and portable mobile radio (PMR) test. The 3250 Series includes digital demodulation capabilities for the analysis of 802.11a, b and g wireless networks, enabling engineers to analyze the transmitter characteristics of a wireless device…


3250 Series Specturm Analyzer

1 kHz to 26.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzers




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