Atmel Releases ATA664151 and ATA664251 LIN SBC and Microcontroller

Sun, Nov 18th, 2012. In Automotive, Vehicle, Networking

Atmel has announced the release of ATA664151 and ATA664251, two new LIN (Local Interconnect Networking) devices specially designed for automotive applications, such as lighting control and switch scan.  ATA664151 is a LIN SBC (System Basis Chip) with many feature such as LIN Transceiver, 8-channel High Voltage Switch Interface, 16-bit SPI, Watchdog and 5V Regulator. The ATA664251 is a system-in-package solution with an ATA664151 (LIN SBC) subsystem integrated with an ATtiny167 microcontroller (8-bit AVR ).  To accelerate development time Atmel offer ATAK42001-V1 Evaluation Kit for ATA664151 and ATAK43001-V1 Evaluation Kit for ATA664251.

Atmel ATA664151 LIN SBC Application Example

Atmel ATA664151 LIN SBC Application Example

General Features of Atmel ATA664151 LIN SBC:




  • 8-channel HV switch interface with HV current sources
  • Linear low-drop voltage regulator, up to 80mA current capability, VCC = 5.0V +/- 2%
  • Fulfills the OEM “Hardware Requirements for LIN in Automotive Applications Rev.1.3″
  • LIN master and slave operation possible
  • Supply voltage up to 40V
  • Operating voltage VS = 5V to 27V
  • Internal voltage divider for VBattery sensing (+/- 2%)
  • 16-bit serial interface (daisy-chain-capable) for configuration and diagnosis
  • Typically 8uA supply current during Sleep Mode
  • Typically 35uA supply current in Active Low-power Mode
  • VCC-undervoltage detection (4ms reset time) and watchdog reset logical combined at NRES open drain output
  • LIN High-speed Mode up to 200kBit/s
  • Adjustable watchdog timer via external resistor
  • Negative trigger input for watchdog
  • LIN physical layer complies with LIN 2.1 specification and SAE J2602-2
  • Wake-up capability via LIN bus and CL15
  • Bus pin is overtemperature and short-circuit protected versus GND and Battery
  • Advanced EMC and ESD performance
  • Package: QFN32 5x5mm

General Features of Atmel ATA664251 LIN Microcontroller:

  • Single-package high performance, low-power AVR 8-bit microcontroller with LIN transceiver, 5V regulator (80mA current capability), watchdog, 8-channel High Voltage (HV) switch interface with High Voltage (HV) current sources and 16-bit Serial Programming Interface (SPI)
  • Very low current consumption in Sleep Mode
  • 16-Kbytes flash memory for application program
  • Supply voltage up to 40V
  • Operating voltage: 5V to 27V
  • Temperature range: Tcase -40 C to +125 C
  • Package: QFN48 7x7mm
Atmel ATA664251 AVR Microcontroller + LIN SBC

Atmel ATA664251 AVR Microcontroller + LIN SBC

The price of ATA664151 is $0.99 and ATA664251 is $1.79. Both for 10K unit qty order.

More information about Atmel’s  ATA664151 and ATA664251 LIN chips can found in their datasheet:

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