Digi International Introduces iDigi Energy Wireless M2M Solution Bundle for Energy Services Providers

Fri, Mar 20th, 2009. In Communication, Module, SoM, Power, Wireless

iDigi Energy is the first iDigi solution bundle specifically for Energy Service Providers that simplifies the integration of energy management systems with remote energy assets. iDigi Energy includes the hardware, hosted software and services necessary to quickly and easily integrate meters, load control modules, displays, relays, thermostats and other energy assets commonly required for demand response, AMI, and other Smart Grid offerings. Energy service applications connect to the hosted software component of iDigi Energy via a simple Web Services interface. This dramatically simplifies developing and deploying energy management services. iDigi Energy includes Digi’s comprehensive family of wired and wireless communication products that integrate easily with remote energy assets, including cellular gateways and a wide variety of wireless endpoint modules

idigi energy


iDigi Energy Applications

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