Diodes Announces the DMP3010LPS p-Channel MOSFET in PowerDI5060 Package

Thu, Dec 9th, 2010. In Power

Diodes announced the DMP3010LPS, the Company’s first device in its unique PowerDI5060 package, the DMP3010LPS 30V rated p-channel enhancement mode MOSFET, offering designers of notebooks, netbooks and other consumer electronics improvements in reliability and reductions in pcb space requirements.

The PowerDI5060’s thermal resistance is 10 times lower than an SO8 alternative, improving on power dissipation performance, resulting in cooler running and more reliable product design. Its off-board height of 1.1mm is also 54% less than that of SO8, making it well suited for low profile applications.

The PowerDI5060 package helps to significantly boost p-channel MOSFET performance. With the DMP3010LPS’s low typical on-resistance of 7.8m ohm at 10V VGS on-state losses are effectively minimized in load switching and battery charging duties.

DMP3010LPS p-Channel MOSFET in PowerDI5060 Package

DMP3010LPS p-Channel MOSFET in PowerDI5060 Package
(Photo from Diodes Website)




More information about p-Channel MOSFET can be found at Diodes Website

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