Energy Focus Announces EFO LED Lighting Solutions for Shipboard Use

Wed, Dec 31st, 2008. In Light, Optics, Power

The new EFO LED lights are part of a continuing effort to reduce energy and maintenance costs. The fixtures and underlying technology were developed under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) High Efficiency Distributed Lighting (HEDLight) program. This installation follows a year-long demonstration on board naval vessels that replaced existing fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen lighting with various HEDLight lighting solutions. The developed lighting solutions incorporate solid state lighting technology. The fixtures include long life high efficiency light emitting diodes (LED) globe fixtures with a power savings of up to 87%, and LED berth lights for general berthing compartments, which provide a 14% power savings. All fixtures were designed to be direct replacements to eliminate retrofit concerns and reduce installation costs…




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