Fujitsu Announces Shipment of First Generation USB 3.0-Serial ATA (SATA) Bridge IC, MB86C30A

Tue, Jul 28th, 2009. In Embedded Device, IC, Chip, SoC, Semiconductor

The new MB86C30A supports the ultra-fast 5Gbps maximum data-transfer rate of USB 3.0, and incorporates an encryption/decryption engine. Samples are being built using Fujitsu’s 65-nanometer low-power process technology. The MB86C30A bridge IC provides an order of magnitude increase in data transfer rates from external storage devices such as hard disk drives to PCs. The new bridge IC incorporates on a single chip the USB communication control circuits, SATA communication control circuits, and protocol control and command control circuits. These circuits are required to construct an external USB storage device and to realize 5Gbps data transfer to a host PC. The MB86C30A IC also contains an embedded Advanced Encryption Standard (AES engine to protect confidential data from being stolen, unintentionally leaked or lost, and to protect data following the disposal of storage devices…


USB 3.0-SATA Bridge IC
(Picture: Fujitsu)

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