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Math for Raspberry Pi

Future Rasbian images will include new computational libraries and tools. This is the sweet fruit of partnership between Raspberry Pi Foundation and Wolfram Research, bundling a free copy of Wolfram's "Mathematica" and Wolfram Language into Raspbian distribution. The agreement was announced today at Computer Based Math (CBM) education summit (November 21-22) at the New York headquarters of UNICEF.
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Real Time Operating System for Microcontroller

TI has released TI-RTOS, a real-time operating system (RTOS) for its microcontroller platform. This new RTOS helps developers by eliminating the need to write complex system software, such as file system, schedulers, drivers, and protocol stacks. TI-RTOS is provided with full C source code and requires no upfront or run-time license fees.
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MAX32590 Secure Microcontroller

Maxim recently introduces their MAX32590 secure microcontroller, a 32-bit ARM926EJ-S -based microcontroller that was specially designed for applications required high security.  MAX32590, a member of Maxim's DeepCover security products, integrates various security function such as secure Boot Loader; AES, DES and SHA accelerators; RSA, DSA and ECDSA supports; Secure RNG; Dynamic Fault Detection shielding and Memory Encryption. MAX32590 secure microcontroller is targeted to broad range of applications such as: Electronic Commerce, ATM Keyboards and PIN Pads,  Card Readers, Secure Data Storage and Access Control System.
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Embedded Firewall Development Kit

Zilog has announced the availability of their new ZGATE Embedded Security solution, offering deeper protection for embedded devices against cyber threats and attacks. ZGATE incorporates existing eZ80F91 microcontroller (a member of  eZ80Acclaim MCUs) and Zilog's TCP/IP stack with a unique embedded firewall, creating an additional security layer for the end products. ZGATE is a joint technology product; utilizing Icon Labs’ Floodgate Packet Filter, an embedded firewall solution.
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